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Leading Design, Manufacture & Supply of Water Treatment Systems

Welcome to Gaffey Technical Services Limited, we are a leading UK water treatment systems supplier specialising in the design, manufacture and supply of innovative disinfection products and chemical dosing solutions for the industrial and commercial water markets and the swimming pool and spa sectors.

We stock and supply a selection of major brand names, which offer excellent performance and value for money.

Pellet Pro®Motive™ & Pellet Pro® - chlorine dosing systems and spares

HYPRO-70® - high yield calcium hypochlorite tablets

DesoClenz™ - filter media treatment and regeneration

Hyprolyser™ - on site sodium hypochlorite generation

ChloriDos™ - chlorine dioxide dosing systems and spares

dinotec™ & CONEX™ – controllers and spares

GRUNDFOS® & LMI MILTON ROY™ - dosing pumps and spares

We carry a wide range of products, systems and spares to support almost any type of water treatment system, including chlorine dioxide and electrochlorination systems, chlorine, pH and PAC dosing systems.

We also stock water testing equipment, reagents, plant ancillaries and spares. Specialist chemical products are also available for the elimination of biofilm, Pseudomonas, Cryptospordium and Legionella contamination problems.

We have highly qualified and experienced engineers available to solve your water treatment problems and recommend the correct treatment solution. 

Our technical support team can assist in providing equipment commissioning, operator training, on-site service and workshop repair services.

Our manufactured systems are available through a network of Approved Installation & Service Partners who are able to offer a convenient, efficient local service and ongoing support. Ask a member of staff for more details.

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Call us on 01254 350180 for expert support.


Swimming Pool & Spa Customers

Our products, systems and services are ideal for all types and sizes of commercial swimming pools and spas. We have over 25 years experience within these facilities...

• Local Authority pools and leisure centres
• Private commercial pools, spas & water parks

• Hotels

• Health clubs
• Hydrotherapy Pools

We have the expertise to design and manufacture bespoke systems to accommodate most requirements. Ask a member of staff for details. 


Feature Product -

Pellet Pro® Motive™ - high quality, high performance automatic chlorine dosing systems for commercial swimming pools.

Pellet Pro® Motive™ is a new and highly efficient calcium hypochlorite dosing system which measures up to the exacting demands of safe and efficient pool and spa chlorination, accurately dosing consistent strength chlorine solution into the pool water circulation system.

For ease of installation all systems are fully pre-assembled and tested, complete with a high quality, low energy booster pump, allowing the Pellet Pro® Motive™ to be installed quickly and easily into any pool plant system without disruption to the operation of the pool.

Pellet Pro® Motive™ is available through our national (UK and Ireland) network of Approved Installation & Service Partners.


Feature Product -

DesoClenz™ - system for in-stu cleansing and regenerating of filter media for commercial swimming pools.

We offer our own unique DesoClenz™ system for the application of a patented treatment which cleans and regenerates silica sand, activated carbon and glass based filter media used in commercial swimming pool filters. This system eliminates the need for costly and lengthy dig out, disposal and replacement of filter media.

DesoClenz™ is available through our national (UK and Ireland) network of Approved Installation & Service Partners.

Click HERE to visit the DesoClenz™ website for more details.



Industrial & Commercial Water Customers

We provide a bespoke design and build service for all types of chemical dosing systems for use in many applications. We will design, build and supply in-line with your budget, location and functional requirements.

Each bespoke system can be supplied in cabinets or skids making it 'bolt on' to your existing plant where necessary. Each system we supply is pre-wired and pressure tested ready for use which means that it is quick and easy to install.

Using our wealth of knowledge and expertise we provide a high quality Turn Key solution for all your chemical dosing system needs.

We are also specialists in primary and secondary disinfection of water supplies to help protect your facility against legionella outbreaks and improve water quality in...

• Hospitals
• Care Homes
• Dairies
• Breweries
• Food Processing
• Agriculture
• ...and many more where water is used

We have the expertise to manufacture bespoke chlorine dioxide disinfection systems to accommodate most requirements. Ask a member of staff for details.


Feature Product 

Hyprolyser™ - System for the safe, reliable and efficient on-site generation of sodium hypochlorite solution for commercial swimmimg pool and industrial applications. The Hyprolyser system has many unique features and advantages, raising operator safety to a new level by eliminating the risks of chemical handling, storage and maintenance normally associated with commercially available chlorine products.

Each system is skid mounted and is fully tested and pre-commissioned for quick and easy installation. Each system includes:

• Electrolyser
• Product storage tank 

• Brine tank
• Process control panel
• Hard water ion exchange unit
• Unique VentFlow hydrogen dilution and removal system with failsafe shutdown


Click HERE to visit the Hyprolyser™ website for more details.


We also provide a repair, refurbishment and replacement service of electrolytic cells for most electrochlorination system manufacturers, as well as a supply of associated spares kits and system components. Please contact us for further informaion.


Feature Product

ChloriDos™ - System for safe, onsite chlorine dioxide generation and automatic dosing and control.

We offer our own unique and extensive ChloriDos™ range of chlorine dioxide generator systems, measurement & control systems and ancillary chemical dosing equipment to many water treatment and environmental service companies throughout the UK & Ireland.

Click HERE to visit the ChloriDos™ website for more details. 


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