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Dinotec Controller Spares

Download the catalogue below for full range of Dinotec Controller Accessories and Spares.

Including: - (please click through images for reference)

D132.001 - Angle tube connector, 1\4 6x8mm"
D132.002 - Straight tube connector, 1/4in. x10mm (sample drain)
D132.009 - Straight tube connector, 1/4in. male thread 8x6mm, blue

D132.004 - Counter electrode, stainless steel for P3604/404/704 cells

D132.005 - 3/4in. sample strainer assy, clear, 6x8mm tube connections

2124 - Strainer screen for 3/4in. dinotec sample strainer assy

D132.003 - 475mV Redox calibration soln 50ml, dinotec.
D132.007 - pH4.0 buffer solution, dinotec, 50ml
D132.008 - pH7.0 buffer solution, dinotec, 50ml

D132.011 - use part-code 313-100, Redox elec/combined reference
D132.015 - dinotec chlorine electrode, potentiostatic
D132.018 - use part code: 312-100, pH electrode

D132.019 - dinotec sample water level switch for P404 cell

1539-002 - 1/4in. sample valve spares kit

2122 - 1/2in. Strainer screen

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