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Face Masks & Respirators

When working with chemicals of any kind, and especially those capable of producing fumes or dusts, face masks and respirators are an essential part of your Personal Protective Equipment.

Our selection of face masks and respirators has been carefully chosen to cover the full range of different needs, from nuisance-level gas respirators, to full face masks. 3M 9915 nuisance-level acid gas respirators (order code 70-9915) are compliant with European standard EN 149:2001 to FFP1 classification, filtering at least 80% of airborne particles with less than 22% inward leakage.

We stock Sundstrom half-face respirators in small-medium and medium-large sizes (order codes 3074-S and 3074) for a comfortable fit, in a high-quality silicone - these are the SR100 series.

We also stock the corresponding full-face masks (order code 3075) with eye protection as well as the same standard of air filtering - these are the SR200 series from Sundstrom.

Face masks, respirators and replacement mask filters for SR100/200 are available to order.

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3074-S - Half-face Respirator, Small/Medium (silicone - high comfort/quality)

3074 - Half-face Respirator, Medium/Large (silicone - high comfort/quality)

3075 - Full face mask (SR200 series)

3076 - Replacement mask filter SR100/200, ABE1 chlorine/acid gases

70-9915 - Nuisance level acid gas respirator, 3M (each)

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