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Grundfos/Alldos Dosing Spares

Grundfos/Alldos Dosing Spares are available, please see downloads below for the complete Spares Catalogue.

Including: - Diaphragms, Support Discs, Pump Heads

529-004 - DN4 4/6 tube coupling set, pvc
529-001 - DN8 6/12 tube coupling set, pvc
529-020 - DN20 13/19 tube coupling set, pvc
529-060 - DN4 connection piece
529-061 - DN8 connection piece

51-DN8-1/2 - 1/2" BSPm x DN8 adaptor, pvc
51-DN8ADP - 12mm male x 1/2" male plain grey pvc adaptor

10.1261-4 - DN8 x DN4 f/m adaptor (5/8"f x 3/8"m), pvc
10.4277-400 - Dn8 x DN4 m/f adaptor (5/8"m x 3/8"f), pvc

51-DN8-5/8 - 1/2in. BSPm x 5/8in.BSPf, DN8 adaptor, pvc

10.997-41 - DN8 X DN20 m/f adaptor (5/8"M X 1-1/4"F), pvc

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