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LMI B series

The LMI B series of metering pumps from Milton Roy is the 'most standard' series, with maximum flow rate of 26 litres per hour, maximum pressure of 10.3 bar and adjustable, automated and programmable dosing modes.

We stock several LMI B series pumps in PVC and acrylic, with a choice of flow rates and pressure, and all operating on 230V AC with manual and variable speed stroke control.

Choose from:

  • B135-368S2: 17 litres per hour, PVC, 3/8" OD, 3.4 Bar
  • B135-360S2: 17 litres per hour, Acrylic, 3/8" OD, 3.4 Bar
  • B145-318N2: 26 litres per hour, PVC, 1/2" OD, 2 Bar
  • B145-310N2: 26 litres per hour, Acrylic, 1/2" OD, 2 Bar

LMI dosing pumps accurately add a steady flow of liquid, such as calcium hypochlorite; they are suitable for use with both clean and sedimentary liquids.

The LMI range is rugged and reliable, and accurate even at low flow rates, with fully protected electronics and low maintenance requirements, free from cleaning and lubrication.


B135-368S2 17 l/h LMI metering pump kit, PVC, 3/8" OD (3.4 Bar)
B135-360S2 17 l/h LMI metering pump kit, Acrylic, 3/8" OD (3.4 Bar)

B145-318N2 26 l/h LMI metering pump kit, PVC, 1/2" OD (2 Bar)
B145-310N2 26 l/h LMI metering pump kit, Acrylic, 1/2" OD (2 Bar)

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