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About Us

About Us

Gaffey Technical Services Ltd was established by Mike Gaffey in 1986 after more than 25 years of experience in water treatment engineering and facilities management, working both in the public and private sectors. The company developed as a chemical control and dosing installation and service specialist, primarily in the public swimming pool sector. Through the 1980's and 90's the company grew into a leading service provider and had recognised a need to help improve industry practices and operator health & safety. In 1989 The company embarked upon the small scale manufacture of automatic calcium hypochlorite feed systems for the commercial pool market, producing the first commercially successful feeders for granular and tablet products. Over the last decade the company has grown it's expertise and evolved to become a leading UK manufacturer of on-site chlorine and chlorine dioxide generation and disinfection control systems for a wide range of treatment applications including industrial & food processing, brewing, Legionella control, commercial swimming pools and drinking water.

Today our company continues to expand it's manufacturing capabilities and has an experienced, dedicated and highly enthusiastic team of staff who work with our UK and international distributors and trade partners, providing them with the high quality products and first class technical support services they need to succeed in their markets. The company remains a family owned and operated business. We remember that our success over the years has been built on the basics of continuing to learn about our industry, listening to our customers and developing products that make a real difference to their operation, safety and bottom line.

  • Manufacturers of ChloriDos® chlorine dioxide generators, Hyprolyser® electrochlorination systems, Pellet-Pro® calcium hypochlorite feeders, general chemical dosing equipment and water chemistry control systems
  • WAPOTEC TCDO/ chlorine dioxide systems and specialist decontamination products –LegioCId®, DesoPur & DesoPur-F
  • National & international network of Approved Installation & Service Partners for sales, service & installation provision
  • Research & development programmes creating water treatment solutions for the future
  • Highly experienced team of water treatment engineers and field service technicians to support our partner network and their customers
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