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Swimming pools and leisure water treatment

No two swimming pools are the same when it comes to disinfection and control. The bather loading, type and size of pool, filtration efficiency, local water quality; all of these factors and more need to be considered when planning a new pool or major refurbishment. Theme parks and water play areas are as different again and require special attention in the design of the water treatment plant. Gaffey have over three decades of experience in commercial pool & leisure water chemical dosing & control, so you can be sure you'll get some good advice!

Pool Water Treatment

Crystal clear, hygienically safe water with no odour or irritation problems; something that is expected as standard in todays leisure facilities. Selecting the correct type of disinfection & pH correction method to suit local water supply conditions will reap significant savings in operating and maintenance costs, and equipment reliability.

Theme Parks

Flume rides, waterfalls and fountains are all capable of producing aerosols. In warm weather, water temperatures can easily exceed 20˚C, meaning that special precautions must be taken for the control of Legionella. Also, due to the mechanical elements involved in many water rides, the control of corrosion requires a different approach to chemical disinfection.

Water Play & Features

Shallow or no water depth, openness to environmental pollution, temperature gain and special maintenance plans. These are some of the treatment challenges that must be met to ensure the highest level of water hygiene – and safe fun. Our Hyprolyser on-site hypochlorite generators are a perfect partner for routine disinfection, offering easy operation and very low maintenance.

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