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Food Processing
& Beverage

Todays industry demands for fast, efficient and thorough food & beverage processing are met by our chloriDOS iOX® on-site chlorine dioxide generators. Widely used across many food processing applications, chlorine dioxide has proved to be a very powerful and effective sanitizer, but without the THM, chloramine and taste and odour problems normally associated with chlorine based systems.

Commercial Fruit & Vegetable Washing Systems

The preparation of fruits and vegetables for the consumer market demands a robust and reliable standard of disinfection around the clock. At the same time the natural odour and flavour of produce must be preserved. Operatives working in the production areas must also be protected from exposure to chlorination by-products

Meat, Poultry & Fish

Compliance with food safety regulations and strict quality control demands highly accurate and reliable automated disinfection. The use of chlorine dioxide as a disinfectant in meat and fish processing offers many advantages over chlorine based systems and ensures meat processors can efficiently deliver a high quality product without any flavour impairment.

Carcass washing, production area washdown and CIP are just some of the areas where chlorine dioxide disinfection provides excellent microbiological standards.

Brewing & Bottling

Chlorine dioxide can be used as a safer and more cost effective alternative to Peracetic Acid methods in many applications which are taste and odour sensitive. Unlike chlorine based treatments, chlorine dioxide does not form potentially hazardous chloramine/THM byproducts which can also be detrimental to taste and quality.

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