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Hyprolyser® selected for Center Parcs

Center Parcs

Following successful operation at Center Parcs Elveden Forest, Gaffey Technical Services Ltd has recently completed the delivery of three high output Hyprolyser® electrochlorination systems to the new Subtropical Swimming Paradise and Aqua Sana Spa at Center Parcs Woburn Forest, Bedfordshire, UK. The Hyprolyser systems will supply on-site generated sodium hypochlorite solution for all of the pool water treatment requirements at this impressive new site.

Installed by Glasgow based water treatment engineering specialists, Barr & Wray Ltd, the Hyprolyser® system eliminates the need for delivery of traditional chlorine chemicals to site, and the subsequent handling or mixing normally required, providing a much safer and cleaner plant room environment for operating staff.

Using salt, water and electricity to generate dilute sodium hypochlorite, the Hyprolyser systems at Woburn Forest generate up to 4.7kg of chlorine per hour. Injection of the hypochlorite solution into the various pools is carried out using Motive VDS™ dosing systems, developed by Gaffey, to maintain all of the chemical feed lines under vacuum during chemical dosing, eliminating the need for high- output pressurised chemical dosing pumps and further enhancing operator safety in the plant room.

With the capability to accept bulk deliveries of UK produced salt as the raw material for hypochlorite production, the pools facility at Woburn Forest will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of it's water treatment regime compared to using traditional packaged hypochlorite products, often manufactured and shipped from overseas.

Sodium hypochlorite product generated by the Hyprolyser contains 0.7% chlorine, classified as below the hazardous threshold (1%), an important factor in minimising the pool operators COSHH workload. At this strength the product is very stable, affords a long shelf life and does not contain the highly caustic 'buffer' salts of commercially produced sodium hypochlorite, reducing the demand for pH correction chemicals. With normal pool operation and water management practices, total dissolved solids levels in the pool water remain typical of any hypochlorite operated pool, due to most of the salt being used up in the generating process.

Hyprolyser® is manufactured by Gaffey at its factory in Lancashire, UK, and is available through a network of national and international Approved Installation and Service Partners.

Location:   Bedfordshire
Customer:   Center Parcs

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