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Gaffey Install a Hyprolyser at Craven Pool & Fitness Centre

Craven Swimming Pool & Fitness Centre

Hyprolyser® system (2-pools) installed October 2014.

Location:   Skipton, North Yorkshire
Customer:   Craig Robinson, Centre Manager & Lloyd Hancox, Leisure Services Manager.

"When the Hyprolyser was proposed I was sceptical but after seeing it in action I can't argue with it, it's a cracking system, cracking installation" says Lloyd Hancox, Leisure Services Manager. It's a neat installation, with no chlorine odours, it's clean, tidy, spot-on." Craven Swimming Pool has found a number of benefits with the Hyprolyser® system. "The biggest benefit has to be from the safety point of view; there's no risk of chlorine getting on skin and clothing and there's minimum intervention needed - we top up the Hyprolyser with a roughly a bag of salt a day, which is great. Salt's not expensive and get us through busy periods just great." Lloyd adds, "Then there's the costs we've saved on equipment and chemicals. We believe to be saving £2-3,000 a year and it's so much safer. There's no hidden costs, no maintenance issues, oh, and we found CO2 consumption reduced (for pH correction) which we weren't even expecting. No blockages, can't argue with it.. literally no problems. I've got nothing but positives from the Hyprolyser®."

Craig Robinson, Manager at Craven Swimming Pool & Fitness Centre said, "Previously we were using calcium hypochlorite and it felt like we were chasing our tails; the system would time-out and the physical cleaning of injectors and blockages were problematic. It's great and saves us so much time; we don't have to deal with issues so we can invest our time in other important matters. It's made things simple and it's a more efficient process."

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