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Darlaston Leisure Centre

Leisure Centre

Hyprolyser 280 (2-pool system), installed February 2012.

Location:   Darlaston Leisure Centre, Walsall.
Customer:   David Brisbourne, Centre Manager.

"After seeing a Hyprolyser installation at another site we felt it would fit in perfectly with our operation here in Darlaston. We had to do some preperation - clearing out the room, installing new electrical points and making a hole for the vent - but overall it was fairly quick and easy to install. The changes are vey positive. The main benefit is improved health and safety, but Hyprolyser has additional operational advantages. The system is very simple to use and with the reduction of health and safety issues, it makes perfect sense. We no longer have blockages of injectors and the pool chemical levels are more consistent. Operational costs are no more than the system we had previously - long term we expect them to be less due to lower maintenance - and the water quality is just as good as before. We appreciated Gaffey's rental option and how the team managed the installation. We are now looking at using the Hyprolyser system across our other three sites. We are very pleased with the system and the service."

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