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S.P. Filtration install Hyprolyser at Edinburgh Leisure Commonwealth Pool

Royal Commonwealth Pool
Edinburgh Leisure

The Royal Commonwealth Pool (Edinburgh, Scotland) includes a three pool system; 50m pool, diving pool and training pool. A Hyprolyser 1100 electrochlorination system was installed at the Royal Commonwealth Pool on the 21st May 2014 by S.P. Filtration Ltd, Glasgow.

Location:   Glasgow, Scotland
Customer:   Paul Whiteside, Pool Water & RCP Technical Manager

"I thought I would give you some feedback on the Hyprolyser unit that Gaffey installed at the Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh at the beginning of May 2014.

Firstly the system is a pool plant operators dream as it requires virtually no input other than adding salt and performing a weekly test to ensure the system is working at its optimum, compare this to the three hours of cleaning in full boiler suit and respirator every week from our previous system. The health and safety benefits of the Hyprolyser system are obvious and the operational cost of running the system are as you predicted and are slightly less than our old system but come without the man-hours and maintenance of the previous system. The water quality in the pool is as good as ever and gets regular comments from our customers and competitors during events like the Commonwealth Games.The installation was done as quickly as possible and our engineers ensured the plant room was left as found. The installation process itself was a positive experience with the plant room being left in the same clean state it was in when you arrived, as well the unit is fully serviced.

I fully intend to use the Hyprolyser units at other sites on the Edinburgh Leisure Estate to replace our current systems.

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