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Salt Chlorination work at Trafford Leisure

Trafford Leisure:

Sale Leisure Centre: Hyprolyser 560 (3-pool system), installed May 2012.

Location:   Trafford
Customer:   Tony Hill, Trafford Leisure

"I just thought I would give you some feed-back on the electrochlorination unit your company fitted at our Sale site earlier this year. The site engineer and staff have found the new system extremely beneficial to their day-to-day running of the pool plant. Along with a generally cleaner environment, the handling of salt rather than dry chlorine has proved a much more friendly approach to maintenance. The savings in chemical expenditure has also proved positive as well. With this in mind I would like you to carry out a survey to our other 4 trust sites with a view to rolling out the systems across the board within our next financial year."

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