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Wirral Council facilities experience improved safety & water quality

Wirral Council Sport & Recreation

Wirral Council, Sport & Recreation Division, installed their first Hyprolyser, a Compact 240 system, at Woodchurch Leisure Centre in November 2015. They monitored the performance of this machine for six months and were so impressed they arranged for a second Hyprolyser to be fitted at West Kirby Concourse in May 2016. Since then, four more Hyprolyser systems have been installed at Leasowe Leisure Centre, Guinea Gap Baths, Europa Pools and the Oval Leisure Centre.

Location:   Wirral, Merseyside.
Customer:   Wirral Council Sport & Recreation

Andy Cowing, Engineering Officer for Sport & Recreation commented. "From our experience at Woodchurch it became clear that there were significant advantages to be had in changing over to electrochlorination systems, especially from a maintenance and health & safety point of view. Our previous method of chlorination was calcium hypochlorite at three sites and 16% sodium hypochlorite bulk storage at the other three locations.

Now, our operational team members no longer have to handle, or be exposed to, hazardous chlorine products or be concerned with dismantling and cleaning dosing injectors, so the inherent risks from these activities have been eliminated. Water quality and hygiene is always a top priority for us and we have found that the quality has improved in all of our pools. They really are fantastic machines".

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