Application knowledge is key to safety in the workplace

Consideration of the operator and their environment safety is vital to ensuring a product design will conform and perform correctly in practice and to the expectation of the client.

Continually raising safety standards

A big responsibility rests with manufacturers placing products on to the market and this is the ideal opportunity to continually improve standards and best practice, when introducing new products.

Of course, cost benefits have to be realistic for the end-user to decide if the product represents value for money in its business operations and at the same time provides an adequate safe system of work to be able to introduce into the workplace.

Like all Risk Assessments, identifying Hazards in the workplace is vital in order to remove or reduce the hazardous condition/procedure for the most effective safe outcome. Protecting the environment and operator is paramount within industrial settings.

Our Philosophy

Our technologies embrace the ideals of continually raising safety standards in the design of our products. The ability to champion factors such as environmental and operator safety is born out of time-served site installation and service experience within the in-house engineering team. Indeed, it is this experience that places us in a unique position to manufacture and deliver products that are: safe in use, optimally perform its function, simple to operate and service, reliable and durable.

Product application knowledge is our main USP and it is this business quality that perpetuates innovation and takes the lead in any new product design. It is not our tradition to follow other respected market leaders in our industry but to use our own design philosophy to create products that truly represent who we are and what we do best…… leading in-situ technology.

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