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Chlorine dioxide dosing equipment keeps Legionella at bay

The risks posed by Legionella bacteria are well known, yet in recent months there has been a spike in safety breaches by companies in the UK and USA, many of which could be prevented by using chlorine dioxide disinfection treatment.

In the UK alone, several companies have been found guilty of safety breaches in recent weeks, including a Derbyshire wind turbine refurbishment specialist and a Newport-based steel coating company.

Both incidents involved industrial cooling towers which were not properly protected against the growth of bacteria like Legionella, and from which water mist was allowed to drift.

In one case at the Derbyshire firm, a HSE inspector himself felt wet spray on his face that had originated from the nearby corroded cooling towers.

ChloriDos Mini and ChloriDos Lite are convenient chlorine dioxide generating and dosing systems to tackle Legionella, other bacteria and biofilm in industrial settings under the harshest of conditions.

They generate and dose chlorine dioxide into water services even at very low levels of demand, disinfecting the water to reduce the risk of Legionella and other such contaminants.

Both systems come wet/pressure tested to 6 Bar, ready for installation, and include simple control panels which feature fail-safe and self diagnostic facilities. Each has its own unique serial number for clear record-keeping on-site.

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