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New industry approval for Hyprolyser electrochlorination system

We are thrilled to announce that our electrochlorination system, the Hyprolyser, has been approved for use on UK public water supplies. The Hyprolyser product family is now approved under Regulation 31 of the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2000. This further acknowledges the quality of the Hyprolyser system which has already found considerable success on various water and general processing applications.

The Hyprolyser® system has been widely proven in commercial and municipal waste-water, private drinking water supply and swimming pool applications. It uses market-leading technology to generate sodium hypochlorite by applying an electrical current to a water and salt solution. This eliminates the need for chlorine to be stored on site, and so offers a reliable, low-risk and environmentally-friendly solution for disinfecting water.

"This latest recognition marks a significant achievement and is another step forward in the progress we have been making with the Hyprolyser® product range," comments technical director, Andrew Gaffey. "There are over 300 Hyprolyser® systems in use on major water treatment applications around the world. These include theme parks, wastewater treatment plants, industrial and food preparation processes, plus high-profile installations such as the Edinburgh Royal Commonwealth Pool, Center Parcs in Woburn Forest and the Logan Solar Water Treatment project in Queensland, Australia.

"This new compliance level for use in drinking water demonstrates that our Hyprolyser® 280 – 2200 system generates a high-quality product and meets strict standards for chemical impurities and toxicology. This opens up a whole new set of opportunities for the Hyprolyser® system and will allow far more organisations to benefit from the many advantages it offers."

The Hyprolyser® provides very high standards for product and operator safety. It uses salt for the electrochlorination process, and produces a chlorine solution strength below 1%. This eliminates both remedial chlorine injector maintenance, and the need to handle hazardous chlorine-based chemicals. The result is a low-hazard work area, simple operational requirements which can easily be handled by non-technical staff, a reduction in both the need for pH correction chemicals and regular specialised servicing, all of which have a positive impact on the whole-life system costs.

The system has been independently assessed for Hazardous Area Classification, demonstrating that all models in the Hyprolyser® 280-2200 range create no external hazardous zones. The unique Hyprolyser® design is simple to use and service, and provides long-term reliability of the electrolyser. Now also available on a rental basis it can be extremely cost-effective, enabling the user to fund the system from the cost-savings it generates.

Since 2014 we have exported Hyprolyser® products to over 17 different countries including Canada, Australia and the UAE.

New industry approval for Hyprolyser electrochlorination systemNew industry approval for Hyprolyser electrochlorination system

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