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How to Choose the Correct Dosing Pump

Buying the cheapest dosing pump might seem like a good way to save money, but it can quickly prove more costly than investing in the correct dosing pump from the outset.

While many people make their buying decision based primarily on pump price, that potentially leaves you at risk of facing higher maintenance costs, and with a pump that operates at lower efficiency.

For example, while solenoid and peristaltic dosing pumps are suitable for light to medium-duty use, relatively low operating pressures and dosing hoses up to around 20 metres, they might not cope with more intensive tasks.

Motor-driven dosing pumps are an alternative for longer hose lengths and higher output volumes; they also offer the benefit of producing lower pulsation effects than you will see from a solenoid pump.

This can be enhanced further by fitting them with pulsation dampers, which reduce hydraulic shock and pressure headloss in the dosing pipeline.

As well as delivering smoother output over a long dosing hose, this cuts down on pump wear and tear, and reduces the long-term servicing costs of a motor-driven or geared pump accordingly.

Whereas geared pumps support larger bore valves and hoses, ideal for sediment-laden media, dosing liquid flocculants demands high precision and very low flow rates potentially as little as a few ml per hour.

Stepper motor dosing pumps handle this well, often with independent stroke speeds for the pressure and suction phase and a smooth output free from pulsation.

In this instance a cheap dosing pump might not be an option due to the specific nature of the task at hand, but choosing the correct dosing pump from those that are suitable can still save you money in the long term.

Gaffey can help by providing technical help and specialist application knowledge to find the right dosing pump for your needs - and unlike discount resellers, we will be here for you in the future for any spare parts or accessories you may need to prolong the economical service life of your dosing pump even further.

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