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Acid Dilutor System

Code: 9-AD

Acid Dilutor Kit.

Designed for the dilution of commercial hydrochloric acid with water to a solution strength of 3-10% for the filling of chemical day tanks. The acid dilutor requires connection to a clean water supply (min 16L/min @ 1 bar pressure). Using the venturi principle, the acid dilutor draws acid from a carboy at a predetermined ratio which can be changed by inserting the desired injector nozzle, for 1:3, 1:5 or 1:10 ratios. The Acid Dilutor Kit may be wall or tank mounted and the orientation of the suction acid suction and discharge hoses can be easily adjusted for easy operation.

Supplied complete with acid drum suction lance, hoses, hose clips & detailed installation instructions.

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