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AquaCat Spares

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D135.001 - bag filter, 15 micron, AquaCat: SWIFT/SMART/SUPER/MAX

D135.002 - soft pvc brush, AquaCat SWIFT

D135.003 - drive track, grey, AquaCat: SWIFT/SMART/SUPER

D135.004 - propeller, AquaCat: SWIFT/SMART/SUPER/PRO/MAX

D135.005 - Magic Klett brush, PVA, AquaCat SMART

D135.006 - Magic Klett brush, PVA AquaCat SUPER

D135.007 - drive track, AquaCat: PRO/MAX

D135.008 - Magic Klett brush, PVA, AquaCat PRO

D135.009 - universal filter bag, AquaCat PRO

D135.010 - Magic Klett brush, PVA, AquaCat Max

D135.011 - drive belt, AquaCat: SWIFT/SMART/SUPER

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