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chloriDES Professional

The chloriDES® Professional controller is a highly adaptable and compatible partner in the field of measuring and control technology. The large colour display, the representation of all information in clear text and the very clear, multilingual menu navigation makes the chloriDES® very easy for anyone to understand and operate. The integrated online help adds to its user friendliness. As standard, measurement and dosing data from is recorded, with the previous 24 hours data presented via the on-screen chart display.

As standard, the chloriDES provides pH and potentiostatic free chlorine control with temperature measurement. The controller is supplied pre-mounted and plumbed on a hinged PVC backboard complete with sample water strainer, sample water flow regulator, fail-safe flow switch and individual sample cells for pH and free chlorine electrodes. The special flow regulation device provides consistent sample water flow to ensure stable and high accurate chlorine measurement.


  • Measuring of pH, temperature & free chlorine with 3-electrode potentiostatic measuring cell
  • Redox measurement option
  • Single & 2-point calibration options for pH & free chlorine - simple for the user, additional diagnostic information for the service technician
  • Analogue outputs 0/4 … 20 mA for measurement or control values, galvanically isolated
  • Selectable pH value compensation of the chlorine value and temperature compensation of the pH value
  • Modbus protocol via RS 485
  • Memory card for data logger and logbook
  • Very easy to operate, guided start up
  • Large display with operator guidance in plain language, a flat, multilingual menu structure and context oriented online help
  • Integrated 24h digital chart recorder
  • Display of the performance of the measuring cells during calibration
  • Validity check during calibration
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