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chloriGAS Gas Detection Systems

chloriGAS® is the cost effective solution to monitoring a single toxic gas. Ideal for use in applications such as swimming pools, theme parks and industrial plant rooms. chloriGAS provides clear indication of gas hazards in a simple to use package.

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Code: 402-200 ChloriGAS *CHLORINE* gas detect kit (0-5pm)

Chlorine Gas Alarm System
1 x chloriGAS Alarm Panel with 240VAC-28vdc750mA adaptor.
1 x chlorine/chlorine dioxide/ozone gas sensor assembly
1 x set of installation & operation manuals

Code: 402-201 ChloriGAS *CHLORINE DIOXIDE* gas detect kit (0-1ppm)

Code: 402-202 ChloriGAS *OZONE* gas detect kit (0-1ppm)

Spare Sensors:

402-120 CHLORINE 0-5ppm, (ChloriGAS)

402-121 CHLORINE DIOXIDE 0-1ppm, (ChloriGAS)

402-122 OZONE, 0-0.2ppm, (ChloriGAS)

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