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DesoPur® 25kg TCDO agent for filter media regeneration & balance tank cleansing applications. Its unique properties in producing a controlled release of chlorine dioxide release it a particularly effective treatment for the effective elimination of organic, bacterial and parasitic contamination including biofilms, Pseudonomas Aeruginosa and Cryprosporidium.

DesoPur can be used as a an effective, regular maintenance treatment for improved hygiene in filters, filter media, backwash and balance tanks. Desopur® solution can also be used in higher concentration for regenerating activated carbon media used in ozone systems. The well proven DesoPur treatment procedure has also been used successfully as a remedial treatment in several high profile Cryptosporidium contamination incidents in Europe.

DesoPur can be applied to filtration vessels using the dedicated DesoClenz treatment kit to ensure correct dilution and distribution of the cleansing solution throughout the filter bed. This service is available through trained and authorised service partners.

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