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The decontamination and maintenance of pool and wet play equipment is a task which needs to be carefully considered to ensure good bather safety, water hygiene and to protect the equipment from damage or premature wear. Due to frequent wetting and the warm and humid storage conditions in which many of these products are kept, pool inflatable structures, foam mats/floats, aquarobics equipment, lane dividers and pool covers are susceptible to biofilm growth. Biofilms are highly resistant to chlorine and can harbour Psuedomonas Aeruginosa, Legionella and other harmful bacteria, so it is important for pool operators to understand the risks and carry out an effetive maintenance regime.

Many disinfectants contain chemicals and deterents which, with repeated application, can be damaging to synthetic materials. Detergents can also be very detrimental to the pool water treatment/filtration system if the product over-spills into pool water, even in small quantities, so the rinsing of treated items can be problematic in a swimming pool setting.

DesoPur®-F liquid is a safe, non-toxic, inorganic oxidiser with unique properties. Manufactured by WAPOTEC® GmbH, the active ingredient in DesoPur-F is TCDO (Tetrachlorodecaoxide). TCDO reacts with organic substances to slowly release chlorine dioxide; a powerful oxidiser with 2.5 times the oxidising capacity of chlorine. When diluted according to the application it can be applied using a pressure sprayer to surfaces to oxidise bacteria and organic surface contamination. It does not require rinsing and can provide a bacteriostatic effect after drying, particularly with regular application. It does not contain any harsh chemicals or detergents and is compatible for use in swimming pool and natural swimming lake environments.


One 5kg can of Desopur-F can be diluted to between 50:1 - 100:1 (250-500 litres of oxidising solution) for routine cleansing tasks such as treating pool inflatables and swim aids, providing an effective, economical and space saving solution. For the remedial treatment of contaminated surfaces such as balance tank surfaces and pool overflow channels, a dilution of 20:1 is reccomended.

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