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DesoPur®-F Chlorine Dioxide (TCDO) disinfection agent for use on inflatables, foam mats, floats, changing area surfaces, overflow channels and poolside deck areas, without the need for rinsing. DesoPur-F is diluted as required for the application

  • Makes up 500 litres of disinfecting solution at the standard dilution strength. Chemical duty 5 litre spray applicator recommended. Supplied in 5 kg carboys with measuring syringe, instructions & MSDS.

DesoPur®-F is a new pool deck and surface disinfecting system that offers major advantages over traditional agents and cleaners. Containing Wapotec's patented TCDO compound, DesoPur®-F forms a powerful bust safe chlorine dioxide solution, well known for its effectiveness in preventing and removing biofilms, Pseudomonas and Legionella.

The big difference with DesoPur®-F is that it does not need to be rinsed off and treated surfaces are safe for use only minutes after application.

DesoPur®-F can be safely and easily diluted to the required strength, producing a highly effective but economical disinfecting solution. For pool deck disinfection application and the treatment of swimming aids, floats and pool covers etc., a solution of only 1% DesoPur®-F is required.

DesoPur®-F is supplied in convenient 5kg containers.

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