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DesoPur - oxidiser for filter media regeneration

Swimming pool filters (silica sand, activated carbon and glass based filter media) need occasional maintenance to ensure optimum filtration performance. The period between each maintenance cycle depends upon the bather loading, backwash frequency and system design. Quartz filter media (silica sand) is an extremely hard material which does not wear out, however, the efficieny of the media can become compromised over time as greasy deposits such as body fats, skin particles and cosmetics etc adhere to the sand grains. These deposits can cause compaction of the media bed and create an opportunity for bacteria and biofilm to grow, which eventually leads to a deterioration in water quality and bather hygiene.

DesoPur has been succesfully used for over 15 years in the in-situ regenration of sand and activated carbon media. DesoPur TCDO is a highly efficient oxidising agent, which, on contact with organic material, produces a controlled release of chlorine dioxide; proven to be highly effective in breaking down biofilms, bacteria and organic deposits that can accumulate on the media over time, restoring the media to its original condition. It's a far more environmentally freindly way to restore filter efficiency and avoid costly media replcement and disposal of filter media to landfill, especially when the filter vessel itself is in good condition. DespoPur treats the whole of the filter vessel too, destroying biofilms and bacteria that can lie in inaccesible areas such as underdrains and beneath nozzle plates. Treatment of filters is typically carried out overnight with minimal or no disruption to the operation of the pool. DesoPur can also be also used for the decontamination of balance tanks surfaces, with or without draining the tank.

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