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DMX 221 Motor Driven Pumps

Grundfos DMX 221 motor-driven dosing pumps can be used with clean and sedimentary liquids, acids, and hypochlorites. Basic on/off 230VAC operation is offered in the standard 'E' version, whilst 'C' and 'A' versions offer more advanced control features with LCD menu for easy configuration.

230Vac, 90W, IP65/F
0-100% stroke adjustment, 230Vac signal driven, valves: PVC/FPM/Ceramic

Model suffix information: -

'E' versions - standard dosing pump without digital display and function menu
'C' versions - with colour changing digital display to indicate on, off, or alarm status, easy set-up menu system with advanced control features.
'A' versions - as 'C' version but also with advanced functions and output signals

L = 110 to 230Vac...basic power ON/OFF control only
I = Pulse operation mode and/or external Start-Stop control; low tank alarm via switched suction
IO = Pulse operation mode/external Start-Stop/0(4)-20mA control; Slow-Mode feature; fault output, tank alarm via switched suction (pre-empty/empty)
IOA = as per IO with additional 0(4)-20mA output & batch/timed dosing control features.

DMX221 pumps have a PVC suffix 4 or 5 which relates to ancillary part options - visit the Grundfos ancillaries/accessories page and login to download the full catalogue.


M221-27C - 27 ltr/h, 10 bar (35ltr/h @1 bar), 6/12 tubing (PVC-5)
M221-50C - 50 ltr/h, 10 bar (60ltr/h @1 bar), 6/12 tubing (PVC-5)
M221-75C - 75 ltr/h, 10 bar, 12.5/18.5 tubing (PVC-4)
M221-115C - 115 ltr/h, 10 bar, 12.5/18.5 tubing (PVC-4)

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