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PAC Dosing Stations

iFLOC® Xact PAC Dosing Station

Version for use with liquid or dry concentrate PAC products

The iFLOC® Xact PAC dosing system helps to keep swimming pool water clean and crystal clear by continuously dosing the water with a precise concentration of coagulant in accordance with Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group guidelines. The iFLOC Xact precision dosing pump may also be used to dispense other low-dose treatment chemicals in quantities up to 1200ml/h at 1.5 bar.

Benefits of using the iFLOC® Xact PAC Dosing Station

  • Vastly improved water clarity and hygiene, usually with a notable reduction in chlorine demand
  • Minimal chemical handling - no manual dosing is required
  • Highly effective in removing Cryposporidium, in combination with sand filtration.
  • Precise and continuous dosing of flocculants even in the smallest of pools/spas.
  • Automatic calibration of the dosing pump when the dosing rate is set.
  • 2 dosing set-points - for example, peak and off-peak dosing settings can be activated by utilising the switchable contacts.

What is PAC and how does the iFLOC® dosing system work?

PAC (Poly Aluminium Chloride) is a liquid flocculant (coagulant), which when dosed into pool water imposes an electrical charge onto debris, particles and sub-micron organic substances in the water. This charge causes the particles to bond together so that they can be more easily removed by filtration. The positioning of the PAC injection point is important in allowing the flocculant to rapidly disperse, and to allow contact time for the flocs to 'grow' before they reach the sand filter bed. Optimising the pH and alkalinity of the pool water is also important to ensure the flocculant is as active as possible once it has been injected into the pool circulation line.

The iFLOC Xact dosing pump is specifically designed for flocculant dosing and is capable of continuous operation at very low dose rates. Most standard dosing pumps are not capable of achieving the accuracy of dosing required, which often results in over-dosing of the product and reduced filtration efficiency.

iFLOC Xact® Options

Professional standard dosing stations:

iFLOC® Xact dosing stations are available in 1, 2 or 3 pump versions intended for use with 25kg liquid carboys:

IFLOC-DS1 - iFLOC Xact PAC single dosing station

IFLOC-DS2 - iFLOC Xact PAC double dosing station

IFLOC-DS3 - iFLOC Xact PAC triple dosing station

iFLOC Xact professional dosing stations are pre-assembled as per specification:

  • iFLOC Xact pump features automatic calibration of the pump when selecting the desired PAC dose rate and pool turnover using the simple LCD menu
  • 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 24VA
  • Max pressure 1.5 bar
  • Output 1.0 - 1200ml/h
  • Option included for 2nd dosing rate setting, activated by switch contact
  • Low level container alert/auto-stop.

What's included in the package?

Each dosing station includes pre-assembled suction lines for each pump complete with a low tank level switch, 10m of 4 x 6mm MDPE feed line per pump, 1/2" injection non/return valve per pump, injector ID tags and conduit ID labels.

Dosing station options are available for use with dinofloc Active concentrate, a convenient and cost saving powder concentrate which can be easily diluted on-site. The iFLOC Xact dosing station for dry concentrate powder comes preassembled with a 66 litre graduated tank with manual agitator contained in a fabricated bund, H1000 x W700 x D400mm in white polypropylene, complete with dosing pump/s, each with suction valve, 10m of 4 x 6mm feed line, 1/2" PVC injector, injector ID tag, 5 x conduit ID labels.

For this and other professional dosing systems, contact us to place an order. If you require more information, technical advice and product data sheets are available upon request.

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