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Easyfloc® PAC Dosing Stations for use with liquid PAC products

A selection of basic (Simplex) PAC dosing systems requiring manual calibration, or professional systems (using Easyfloc12/Duplex pumps), the latter with automatic calibration according to the dose and pool flow rate selected on the control panel. Professional systems provide highly accurate and economical dosing with integrated tank level and leakage alarms, plus the option for automatic proportional control of the flocculent dose rate when connected to circulation pump variable speed drives. Available as compact single or 2-pool systems with integrated bund tank manufactured in tough polypropylene, H1000 x W350 x D400.
PAC should be injected as close to the circulation pump as possible, in order to guarantee a rapid dispersion and activation of the flocculent.
Technical advice and product data sheets are available upon request.

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