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Eye Protection

Adequate eye protection means not only shielding the eyes against chemical splashes, but also having the right provisions in place to take action if a potentially harmful substance finds its way into an individual's eyes. Our Personal Protective Equipment includes a selection of goggles and eye wash equipment, to provide simple safeguards and emergency treatment in the event that an incident occurs.

Choose our standard safety spectacles (order code 70-SPEC) for everyday eye protection, a convenient and comfortable pair of plain-lens 'glasses' that can be slipped on whenever the eyes are at risk. They are designed to be quick to put on and take off, making them a great option if protection is needed for only a few minutes or even seconds at a time. Alternatively, we stock Uvex Ultra Sonic eye protection goggles against chemical and splash hazards (3071) and these fit snugly to the face to avoid chemicals entering from the sides.

If an incident should occur, eye wash facilities should be available to minimise damage and injury - our eye wash station (3073) includes two 500ml eye wash bottles and two eye patches, with 500ml refills available separately (70-EWSR).


3071 - Eye protection Goggles ("Uvex Ultra Sonic" chemical/splash)

3073 - Eye Wash Cabinet (2x500ml bottle, 2 x eye patch)

70-EWSR - Eye Wash Station refill, 500ml

70-SPEC - Safety Spectacle, Standard

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