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FreshCheck Spray for hygiene verification

FreshCheck Spray is the simplest, fastest and most affordable way to verify surface hygiene. If it stays purple then the surface is clean, but if it changes colour you're at risk of bacterial, chemical or other soilants contaminating your facilities.

As the first tool for hygiene verification since the ATP swab, FreshCheck spray represents the simplest way to ensure hygienic conditions. With increasing pressure to ensure cleaning is effective and, most importantly, demonstrable, FreshCheck is the only affordable solution available. Ideal for improving hygiene culture in catering and public facilities, Fresh Check provides consistent safety data to address cleaning efficacy. Using the FreshCheck colour reference chart and audit sheet provided, users can immediately confirm and record their inspections. Quick and highly economical, FreshCheck spray is the perfect first line of defence for your hygiene routines.

Product code:TE83, 100ml bottle (approx 100 applications)

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