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HydroXan® TCDO (chlorine dioxide) Dosing System

The TCDO dosing system is a highly effective chlorine dioxide based treatment system designed to eliminate and protect against biofilm growth and chlorine resistant pathogens including Pseudomonas and Cryptosporidium.

HydroXan® produces a background residual of chlorine dioxide in swimming pool water; the reaction is triggered when organic substances (pollutants from bathers) are introduced to the pool water, making it a highly effective treatment in facilities with heavy bather loading, such as leisure pools, hydrotherapy pools, commercial spas and water play/splash pads. .

Used in combination with a reduced free chlorine residual, HydroXan® is a highly efficient water treatment method capable of improving the water and air quality in a large scale, busy operations. Take a look at what this system can do for you:

  • The system is effective in reducing irritant chloramines and pool odour, resulting in a much more comfortable leisure experience for your customers, and a safer and more comfortable work environment for facility staff.
  • A significant reduction in free chlorine consumption (and therefore chlorine by-products) is achievable, providing enhanced protection of the building fabric and infrastructure.
  • HydroXan is used in conjunction with the pools normal chlorination regime to provide a 0.1-0.2ppm chlorine dioxide residual throughout the whole of the pool circuit.
  • HydroXan TCDO liquid is continuously dosed in very small quantities (similar to PAC flocculant principle) via a precision digital peristaltic dosing pump. Suitable for pools with flow rates ranging from 10m3/h up to 800m3/h. Max pressure 1.5 bar.
  • HydroXan® is supplied in 25kg carboys ready for use. Dosing system supplied complete with 1 x 25kg drum of HydroXan®.

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