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Hyprolyser® Compact

The Hyprolyser® Compact 240 & 480 electrochlorination systems are aimed at the commercial swimming pool market, bringing exactly the same health and safety and low operating cost benefits of the larger Hyprolyser® systems, to operators of community pools, schools and larger private leisure club. Several pool volumes may be treated by a single Compact system.

Safe, economical chlorination using salt, water and electrical energy, the Hyprolyser® Compact system produces a clean, non-hazardous solution of sodium hypochlorite (<1% Cl2) on demand. The hypochlorite solution is produced on demand and transferred to a product tank ready for use with standard dosing pumps or optionally, injected under vacuum into the pool circulation line.

Available in 240 & 480g/h models, the Compact range encompasses the latest electrolyser design, precise brine and water proportioning and automatic regulation of the electrolyser DC current to optimise energy use and maintain a highly consistent chlorine concentration in the generated product (av. 6g/l). Operation of the system and filling of the product tank is completed automatically.

Optionally, the Compact can be provided with a GSM/Modbus remote monitoring module to provide daily notification of performance and on demand reporting. The Hyprolyser Compact benefits from a 5 year limited, pro-rata warranty.

Hyprolyser systems are manufactured in the UK at our factory in Accrington, Lancashire.

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