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Hyprolyser® Compact

Hyprolyser® Compact Series 240 & 480 g/h

Hyprolyser electrochlorination systems electrolyse diluted brine to generate sodium hypochlorite solution on demand, for a wide range of applications including drinking water, leisure waters, food processing and clean-in-place.

The Hyprolyser Compact 240/480 series offers chlorine outputs of 240g or 480g per hour respectively, perfect for most commercial swimming pool facilities with one to three pools, and for many industrial and food processing applications. The larger Compact 240 and 480 systems are ideally suited to the commercial and public swimming pool market for total water volumes of typically 300 - 800m3.

Hyprolyser Compact equipment comes with a built-in power supply, an integrated salt saturator and product tank, water softener and ventilation system. These skid-mounted models come completely assembled and pre-commissioned, allowing for fast and easy installation.

As with all Hyprolyser systems, natural ventilation is required in the equipment location. Hyprolyser systems come equipped with multiple fail-safe features to shut down generation in the event of normal operating parameters or ventilation being compromised.

The Hyprolyser Compact series:

  • Hyprolyser Compact 240 - maximum output 5.7kg chlorine per day
  • Hyprolyser Compact 480 - maximum output 11.5kg chlorine per day
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