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Hyprolyser® iSEC

What is the Hyprolyser iSEC?

The Hyprolyser iSEC range is ideal for smaller scale chlorine demands. Available in modular or fully pre-assembled & tested skid format for quick and easy installation.

The Hyprolyser® iSEC is a new generation off-line chlorine generator with the flexibility to provide disinfection across a wide range of applications. Available in 30, 60 and 90g/h Cl2 models, iSEC encompasses the latest electrolyser design, precise brine and water proportioning and automatic regulation of the electrolyser DC current to optimise energy use and maintain a highly consistent chlorine concentration in the generated product (av. 6g/l).

Operation of the chlorination system and filling of the product tank is completed automatically. The electrolyser is illuminated with a colour changing LED backlight to clearly display from a distance when operation is normal, or if a parameter warning or alarm condition is present.


  • Delivery and Storage of SALT
  • COSHH not applicable
  • NO toxic dangers to staff & neighbours
  • NO hazardous waste disposal
  • NO chemical handling
  • NO remedial maintenance of chlorine injector
  • NO technical intervention required by the operator
  • Low hazard system

Where can the Hyprolyser be used?

The new Hyprolyser® iSEC range of electrochlorination systems provide ideal water chlorination for the: swimming pool, theme park and other water feature applications, industrial water treatment, fruit and vegetable washing, smaller scale drinking water treatment, waste water treatment and water treatment plants.

Commercial swimming pools

Consistent product strength and a sediment and scale-free dosing solution ensures reliability in chlorine disinfection to the highest standards of water hygiene.

Drinking water

iSEC's smaller capacity is ideal for bore-hole and private drinking water systems to ensure chlorine solution is always freshly supplied and low in chlorate content, guaranteeing the highest water quality.

Why use electrochlorination?

Using salt as the raw material to generate your own supply of hypochlorite offers several advantages. Salt is a widely available commodity used in many commercial and industrial settings and is competitively priced for both small and large users. Compared to commercial chemicals often used in water disinfection systems, salt is very safe and easy to store, has an infinite shelf life and requires minimal packaging which can be easily recycled.

Using only salt, water and electricity, Hyprolyser® systems efficiently generate a supply of dilute sodium hypochlorite <1%, below the threshold for classification as a hazardous substance.

With safe, economical chlorination using salt, water and electrical energy, the Hyprolyser® iSEC system produces a clean, non-hazardous solution of sodium hypochlorite (<1% Cl2) on demand. The hypochlorite solution is produced on demand and transferred to a product tank ready for use with standard dosing pumps or, optionally, injected directly into the pool circulation line.

Optionally, the iSEC can be provided with a GSM/Modbus remote monitoring module to provide daily notification of performance and on demand reporting.

The Hyproyser iSEC and all other Hyprolyser systems are manufactured in the UK at our factory in Accrington, Lancashire.


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