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Chemical ID tags for injection points, valves & dosing

We hold safety in the highest regard when it comes to handling chemicals. These ID tags for injection points, valves & dosing pumps and made out of flexible vinyl material, capable of being securely attached to you machinery. The waterproof quality of these labels means they will not tear or be damaged easily. Labels can be wiped clean without smudging to ensure their hazard warnings are always clear and visible.

Take a look at other dosing accessories Gaffey has to offer. We are water treatment specialists and will make sure you have everything you need to maintain an efficient and risk-free environment.

Quote these codes when placing your order. You can place an order over the phone right now.

TAG-ACID - Acid, white on red

TAG-HYPO - Hypochlorite, black on yellow

TAG-PAC - Polyaluminium chloride, white on blue,

TAG-CO2 - Carbon dioxide, white on red

TAG-SUPPLY - Chemical dosing, sample supply, black on blue

TAG-RETURN - Chemical dosing - sample return, black on blue

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