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Level Control Solo

The Level Control Solo is easy-to-install device for hydrostatic level measurement of liquids in unpressurised tanks (surge tanks, cistern control and the like). With digital display of measurement value. Particularly suitable for use in aggressive liquids.

Measuring device for hydrostatic level measurement of liquids in unpressurised tanks. The Control Level Solo is a good option for pool water treatment and treating water play equipment and features

Benefits of the Level Control Solo:

There are no functional parts such as membranes, transmitters, pressure sensors or the like brought into contact with the measuring medium or the head space above. For this reason, the unit is also suitable for use in aggressive liquids.

Four potential-free switching outputs for collective alarm, dry run protection, filter pump and automatic refeed.


  • The unit has two digital control inputs for monitoring of the overflow (optional limit switch) and for an external locking during backwash of the filter.
  • Digital 3-digit, self-illuminating display for reading the liquid level in cm.
  • Changes in liquid levels will be displayed immediately.
  • There are five status LEDs that provide information about the status of the system.
  • The housing is designed for wall mounting, with a separate terminal box, protection to IP65.
  • The front film can be labelled for specific projects by means of paper slips (inserted on the rear side).


  • Surge tanks
  • Storage tanks
  • Pumping systems
  • Rinse water tanks
  • Cistern control

This unit is intended for pressure free, open water tanks only.

Legend to diagram:
  1. Safety overflow
  2. Level overflow
  3. Level pump ON
  4. Level pump OFF
  5. Hysteresis level+
  6. Level TARGET
  7. Hysteresis level-
  8. Level dry run
  9. 3 cm broken hose alarm
  10. From gutter
  11. To pump

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