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Motive VDS 150

The MOTIVE Vacuum Dosing System (VDS) eliminates the use of pressurised dosing lines and traditional dosing pumps, offering the safest possible method for the transfer of dilute sodium hypochlorite from the day tank to the point of injection. The chemical feed line is maintained under vacuum the moment chemical dosing is started, significantly reducing the risks to operating staff compared to traditional pressurised dosing pump systems.
The MOTIVE VDS also provides the benefit of substantially lower servicing and replacement parts costs than traditional pump systems, containing 80% fewer moving or wearable parts. With dose rates up to 250 litres per hour, the MOTIVE VDS comes at a much lower purchase cost than an equivalent high capacity dosing pump.
Dimensions: H1000mm x W380mm
Power: 230VAC, 180w max.
Models: 310-001, 15-150 l/h
310-002, 25–250 l/h

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