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Natural Hose in EVA, MDPE, Nylon.

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C2403 - 5/16" (8mmOD) nylon tube, 30m coil (for CO2 gas only)

G0012 - 30m x 1/2" OD MDPE tubing (previously EVA)

G0013 - 30m x 3/8" OD MDPE tubing, (previously EVA)

G0016 - 4mm ID x 6mm OD MDPE tubing, 30m (for PAC/acids)

G0016-H - 4mm ID x 6mm OD HDPE tubing, 30m (for sod. hypo)

G0018 - 6mm ID x 8mm, MDPE, 30m coil

G0021 - 4mm ID x 6mm, PTFE, 25m coil (very high chemical resistance)

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