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NEW - Hyprolyser iSEC 6

The new Hyprolyser iSEC 6 (6g Cl2/h output) provides a complete packaged solution for low demand chlorination applications; an electrochlorination system complete with integrated 8L product tank and mounting for a digital dosing pump (model options).

Using salt, water & electrical energy, the Hyprolyser iSEC®6 generates a consistent sodium hypochlorite solution containing 0.3% chlorine.

The iSEC 6 is a compact and convenient chlorine disinfection solution for a wide variety of low-demand chlorination applications including secondary disinfection, storage tanks, private potable drinking water systems, water features/fountains and CIP uses.

The iSEC®6 avoids the need for facility operators to handle and store hazardous chlorine products. By generating a fresh supply of chlorine on-demand, the typical loss of chlorine content due to transport conditions and long storage periods is eliminated. Options are available for the addition of a chemical dosing pump and Modbus RTU communication, allowing the iSEC 6 water chlorination status to be monitored via mobile/tablet, email or text.

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