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Pellet Pro

Automatic preparation systems for calcium hypochlorite pellets & tablets

Where can Pellet Pro be used?

In areas of the UK where the mains water total alkalinity is high, many pool operators experience considerable difficulty in operating and maintaining calcium hypochlorite systems. The new AlkaFilt de-alkalising filter can now be installed with the Pellet-Pro system to provide trouble free operation and more efficient use of your chemical product.

Pellet Pro® systems for use with approved calcium hypochlorite tablets, suited to large 1, 2 or 3 pool facilities treatment and theme park water treatment. The device is also suited to fruit and vegetable washing. Systems are complete with digital dosing pump(s), 30m feed line, SV series injector, injector safety ID tags, 2 year warranty.

Benefits and features:

Compact and space saving, the Pellet-Pro® system alleviates the problems normally associated with the manual mixing and dosing of calcium hypochlorite solutions. The consistent, low strength solution produced by the Pellet-Pro system from Calcium Hypochlorite pellets reduces risk to the operator by eliminating frequent injection point and dosing pump maintenance. As the Pellet-Pro produces fresh solution on demand, there is no need for day tanks for the storage of stock solution.

Versatile – one, two or three-pool models are available for virtually any size of commercial/ public facility. The Pellet-Pro can be quickly and easily installed and is compatible with any type of automatic chlorine controller.

  • Reduces manual handling & eliminates measuring & mixing
  • Produces a consistent solution strength of less than 1% - below the threshold for hazardous classification  Reduces maintenance
  • Eliminates large day tanks & mixers
  • Models to suit 1 or 2 pool facilities of virtually any size

How to order

You can order Pellet Pro directly from Gaffey, contact us today and quote the product code for the desired size unit.

Product codes:

PP10E-15 - 15 litre/h, 4 bar,. 110-230Vac
PP10E-30 - 30 litre/h, 4 bar,. 110-230Vac
PP10E-30 - 60 litre/h, 10 bar,. 110-230Vac
PP10E-150 - 150 litre/h, 4 bar, 110-230Vac
PP10E-230 - 224 litre/h, 5 bar, 110-230Vac
PP10E-15/60 - 15 l/h + 60 l/h 2-pool version, 110-230Vac
PP10E-60/60 - 60 l/h + 60 l/h 2-pool version, 110-230Vac
PP10E-150/60 - 150 l/h + 60 l/h 2-pool version, 110-230Vac
PP10E-230/60 - 224 l/h + 60 l/h 2-pool version, 110-230Vac

Other 2 & 3 pool models available POA


  • Dimensions: L950 x W570 x H900mm
  • Hopper capacity: 10kg
  • Power: 172VA. Max cable size 1.5mm2 (for dosing pump power requirements refer to details below).
  • Water: 15mm connection. 0.5 bar min pressure (2bar if de-alkalising filter is included with installation).
  • Pressure must not exceed 10 bar. Pellet-Pro is fluid category 5 (WRAS) compliant.

Note all pumps require 230v permanent supply and can be controlled via 0(4)-20mA, pulse frequency, or remote start/stop inputs.

Dosing Pump Variants

The Pellet-Pro® system is available with a number of dosing pump configurations depending on the size & chlorine demand of the pool/s it is intended to dose. Please contact for model selection & advice. Grundfos motor driven dosing pumps supplied with the Pellet–Pro system are connected to a permanent 230VAC electrical supply from within the Pellet-Pro control module.

The operation of the dosing pump is controlled by a separate signal from the pools' chlorine controller. The types of signal accepted by the dosing pumps are; on/off contact, pulse frequency, 0/4-20mA. Signal cables are provided as standard. For customers who require a 230VAC pool controller output to be converted to on/off contact, an 'interface converter' is available as a separate option – please request part no. 8-438 .

The following types of dosing pump can be selected for use with the Pellet-Pro system, according to requirements.

  • M226 Series: 224L/h DN20 hose (13x19mm) 230VAC 50Hz 1phase 180 watts, IP65
  • M222 Series: 60L/h DN8 hose (6x12mm) 150L/h, DN20 hose (13x19mm) 230VAC 50Hz 1phase 50 watts, IP65
  • SMART Digital Series: 15-30L/h, DN8 hose (6x12mm) 230VAC 50Hz 1phase 50 watts, IP65
Important Note

The Pellet-Pro system should be installed on a level surface away from heat and direct sunlight. To comply with the terms of warranty, the total alkalinity of the water supply feeding the Pellet-Pro system is required to be ≤ 40ppm. Sites with a higher total alkalinity value will require the AlkaFilt de-alkalising filter to be installed upstream of the system.

The Pellet-Pro system is designed for use only with HYPRO-70® or Hth Easiflo Tablets. The use of non-approved products will invalidate warranty and may cause damage to the equipment and/or cause harm to personnel. Please contact Gaffey Technical Services Ltd or your authorised agent should you require further advice or assistance.

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