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HydroXan® Chlorine Dioxide (TCDO) dosing system is a highly effective chlorine dioxide based treatment system to eliminate and protect against biofilm growth and chlorine resistant pathogens including Pseudomonas and Cryptosporidium. Used in conjunction with chlorine, HydroXan is ideal for use in pools with high bather loads or where higher contamination risks exist, such as hydrotherapy pools, spas, outdoor pools/water play areas water treatment and even treating water in theme parks.

Hydroxan is also effective in reducing irritant chloramines and pool odour. A reduction in free chlorine levels and significant savings in chlorine consumption can be realised when using this system. HydroXan® TCDO is used in conjunction with the pools normal chlorination regime to provide a 0.1-0.2ppm chlorine dioxide residual throughout the whole of the pool circuit. HydroXan® liquid is continuously dosed in small quantities (similar to PAC flocculent principle) via a precision digital peristaltic dosing pump. Suitable for pools with flow rates ranging from 10m3/h up to 800m3/h. Max. pressure 1.5 bar. HydroXan® is supplied in 25kg carboys ready for use.

Dosing system supplied with 1 x 25l drum of HydroXan®

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