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WAPOTEC® Type S Professional

Designed specifically with ease of maintenance and whole life costs at the top of the list, the new WAPOTEC® Filter provides optimum filtration performance in commercial pool water treatment. This new series of filters exceed the specification requirements of DIN19605/19643, providing an extremely high standard of construction and very long service life.

Many unique features have been included to enhance filtration performance, improve hygiene and significantly reduce the cost and frequency of inspection and maintenance. Compared to most 'standard' steel or fibreglass filters, WAPOTEC® Filters will realise huge cost savings in maintenance and downtime over their lifetime.

  • WAPOTEC® filters can be delivered as a completely assembled unit or, if access is limited, constructed from pre-manufactured sections (and tested on-site) by the manufacturer.
  • Manufactured in polyester resin & fibreglass
  • WAPOETC® Filters are available in diameters of 0.8 - 3.0m in size increments of 200mm.
  • As standard, all WAPOTEC® Filters are provided with the following:
    • Large side access manhole
    • Plexi-glass viewing window
    • Side mounted 12v spot lamp for easy inspection/backwash monitoring
    • *Wapotec patented 'Hyflow' diffuser.
    • *Nozzle plate access hatch
    • Inside vessel liner in PVC.

Please contact us for technical information and pricing, you can also place an order with us over the phone.

* Not available on 0.8m diameter vessels

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