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Chemical Dosing Systems and Pumps

Chemical dosing equipment supply water treatment chemicals in the required amounts in order to manage water quality, keep disinfection levels high enough,
and keep certain levels low enough that they do not cause irritation to bathers in swimming pools and similar facilities.

A complete chemical dosing system can include storage tanks, transfer pumps, valves and injectors, as well as dilutor systems that dilute acids like hydrochloric acid before it is dosed into the main treatment system.

Gaffey supply a wide range of dosing pumps and accessories, flocculant dosing systems and pH correction systems for a broad variety of different applications.

Chemical dosing systems for drinking water

It's crucial to control chemicals carefully when they are introduced into potable drinking water supplies.

Dosing pumps like ChemiDOS enable you to do exactly that, with a choice of five different models that provide different digital control capabilities and are suited to different quantities and pressures of water supply.

Chemical dosing systems for pool water

Chemical dosing systems can be used to control pH levels, including through the use of carbon dioxide gas dosing systems, which can be a safer alternative to mineral acids in soft water areas.

Flocculant dosing is a highly effective treatment for commercial swimming pools, useful in combining and removing very fine particles and colloidal pollution from pool water which the pool's filtration system would otherwise be incapable of removing. This results in crystal clear pool water, lower chlorine consumption (and reduced chloramine formation) and much improved comfort levels for bathers. To achieve the desired result it is vital to use a precise, continuous, low-output dosing pump, such as the iFLOC Xact. Gaffey supply dinofloc Active Concentrate which is ideal for this purpose and, being a concentrated product, reduces storage space and the need for frequent chemical deliveries.

Chemical dosing systems for industrial and wastewater

Finally, chemical dosing systems are available for industrial and wastewater uses to manage acidity or alkalinity, and Gaffey's Acid Dosing Systems are suitable for a range of commonly used acids including hydrochloric acid and sodium bisulfate.

ChemiDOS dosing pumps provide precise chemical dosing for wastewater treatment and industrial applications, with plenty of versatility thanks to the different types of stepper motor, motor-driven and solenoid dosing pumps available. Together with a wide range of chemical day tanks, electric mixers and chemical injectors a safe and robust chemical dosing system can be achieved.

With Gaffey's wide range of chemical dosing accessories, you can fully label your chemical dosing system with chemical injector ID tags, adhesive warning labels for tanks, and adhesive conduit/feed line labels to clearly identify what each conduit is carrying.

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