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Chemical Dosing Pumps

Dosing pumps are part of the Gaffey chemical dosing equipment range and dispense liquid flocculant chemicals into pool water to improve filtration. With our dosing pumps you can do this precisely for optimal treatment and maximum efficiency of chemical agent used. Call us with any specific requests, requirements and enquiries.

How do dosing pumps work?

Dosing pumps supply a controlled, continual quantity of chemical water treatment agent such as a flocculant agent to maintain clear and clean pool water with less chlorination. High precision dosing pumps optimise this process so you save on flocculant costs, achieve more effective cleaning, and save on pH correction chemicals and chlorine chemicals as well.

Dosing pumps may be solenoid, stepper motor or motor-driven in operation - give Gaffey a call if you're not sure which is right for you. A fully optimised flocculation-filtration process can save between 15% and as much as 50% in chlorination costs, and a good dosing pump will quickly pay for itself on these terms.

Where are these water treatment pumps used?

You can use dosing pumps wherever you need a chemical water treatment agent or flocculant chemical agent to be dispensed in a controlled manner, and the choice of solenoid, stepper motor and motor-driven pumps only adds further to the versatility.

Applications include pool water treatment, theme parks, water play & features, as well as wastewater treatment and drinking water chlorination.

What types of ChemiDOS dosing equipment is available from Gaffey?

Gaffey Technical Services supply five main product lines of ChemiDOS dosing pumps:

For more information about any of our ChemiDOS dosing pumps, visit the product page and download the ChemiDOS brochure - you are also welcome at any time to fill in our online form for a quick response from the Gaffey team or call us in working hours and we will answer your enquiry on the phone.

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