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Dosing Pump

Manufactured in Germany, our ChemiDOS™ dosing pump range offers solid build quality and reliability for dosing in the harshest of applications.

ChemiDOS™ dosing pumps also offer great compatibility, ease of use, simple servicing and outstanding value for money as standard!

A choice of pumps to suit applications

With a choice of solenoid, stepper motor and motor driven pumps, almost every type of chemical dosing application can be covered.

Solenoid pumps

A solenoid dosing pump uses a diaphragm and solenoid to displace fluid which is then dispensed. A solenoid 'drive' is an electromagnet and spring assembly. The drive is activated by an electrical impulse which pushes the diaphragm, displacing fluid and allowing more fluid into the suction chamber with each movement.

A solenoid pump can be programmed to dispense a specific dosage of fluid at a specific rate of delivery pre-set by the operator. This type of drive allows for a wide variable in stroke length and rate, meaning there can be a potentially high ratio between the maximum and minimum flow rates if needed.

Solenoid pumps are very versatile and can be used in swimming pool water treatment and water feature play water treatment.

Stepper motors

A stepper motor is a digital device which converts digital pulses into mechanised rotation of a shaft. One digital pulse causes the device to implement one precise angle of motion. In this way it is an incredibly accurate device for dosing.

New stepper motor technology included in the ChemiDOS™ SMART range allows precise, low pulsation dosing coupled with this intelligent drive concept.

Motor driven pumps

Motor driven pumps are reliable, being able to run on their own and without supervision. They are capable of providing accurate metering under variable pressure conditions. For this reason they can be used as backup power to digital pumps.

The stroke length and rate, altering the pump's capacity, can be adjusted to alter the rotation of the electric motor inside. This in turn transfers a change in the stroke moment to the diaphragm in the dosing compartment.

Motor driven pumps can handle disinfectants, additives and flocculants, as well as chemicals up to 1,000 l/h, making them ideal for larger water bodies, like commercial swimming pools, or theme parks.

Each ChemiDOS™ pump can be supplied with an installation kit for simplicity of ordering. A complete range of accessories and spare parts are stocked for quick delivery, all backed up by first-class technical support and customer service.

All pumps come with a 2 year warranty from dispatch.

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