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Flocculant Dosing Systems

Flocculant dosing systems use a dry powdered concentrated form of polyaluminium chloride (PAC) that can be diluted down many

times to produce large quantities of liquid PAC for dosing and chemical water treatment. Gaffey Technical Services supply dinofloc

Active Concentrate, which is suitable for soft and hard water areas and promotes rapid flocculation.

How do flocculant dosing systems work?

Flocculant chemicals encourage unwanted small particles in the water to clump together as larger 'flocks' that can then be easily filtered out. Using dinofloc Active Concentrate, this can be done very quickly at pH levels of 6-8 using just 2kg of the dry chemical diluted with 33 litres of water. In hard water areas it is sensible to dilute with a smaller amount - around 30 litres, to control the pH of the diluted mix - but the dosing rate can also be reduced to compensate.

The liquid solution is then dosed continually into swimming pool water or an equivalent application, and the flocks are directly filtered out as they form. Slightly higher dosing rates can be used in high-traffic areas, and faster dispersion can be achieved by dosing the liquid PAC close to the suction intake of the circulation pump.

Where is this type of dosing systems used?

Flocculant dosing systems provide continual results as rapidly formed flocks are mechanically filtered out of the water, making them a good option for high-traffic pools and for round-the-clock pool water treatment, hot tubs and whirlpool spa pools.

A flocculant dosing system like dinofloc Active Concentrate can also be used in general flocculant water cleaning applications, including potable drinking water supplies.

What are the features of Gaffey's products in this range?

Flocculant dosing systems like dinofloc are highly concentrated and remove the need to handle liquid chlorine chemicals directly. Each box contains four 2kg containers, which can be diluted down to 33 litres each (30 litres in hard water) for a total of up to 132 litres of liquid PAC dosing chemical.

Adjusting the dosing rate means the product is equally effective in both hard water and soft water areas, and the premium quality of dinofloc means no residues and impurities in the liquid flocculant, which is clean and clear in appearance. Find out more - call Gaffey today or fill in our online contact form for any enquiries.

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