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Chemical Dosing Accessories and Chemical Tank Accessories

Chemical storage tanks and dosing tanks that keep hazardous materials safe

We supply chemical storage tanks, dosing tanks, bund tanks and day tanks in a range of different sizes to keep potentially hazardous chemicals stored safely until use.

Choose any of our tanks on this page to find out more, or get further information about our chemical tank accessories including tablet mixing baskets, electric mixers, manual agitators, isolating valves and our acid dilutor system.

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What types of chemical storage tanks are available?

Chemical storage tanks must be safe and reliable when storing hazardous and potentially toxic chemicals, which is why they are designed to prevent and mitigate leaks.

Some examples of this include the chemical tanks we have in stock:

  • Reinforced PVC chemical storage tanks that resist degradation
  • Chemical bund tanks to contain leaks within a secondary outer layer
  • Chemical day tanks that hold enough for a specific period
  • Tablet mixing baskets to add calcium hypochlorite tablets to day tanks

Our chemical storage tanks include standard connections, which we can position according to your needs, including inlet, outlet, overflow, vent, valved sight glass and access manway.

Bund tanks and day tanks are available in sizes from quite small to very large - anywhere from 30-50 litres up to 500-litre day tanks and 1,100-litre bund tanks.

What chemical dosing accessories are available?

Chemical dosing accessories help to ensure safe and efficient use of chemical tanks, as well as making it easier to mix chemicals directly in the tank.

We supply a range of chemical dosing accessories including:

  • Manual agitators
  • Electric mixers
  • Acid dilutor system
  • Safety isolating valves

Agitators and mixers are designed to mix aggressive liquids in potentially hazardous environments, as an alternative to our range of dosing accessories.

It's important to use a mixer that suits the size of your storage tank, so make sure your agitator is designed for 50L, 100L, 200L or 300-500L tanks, and so on.

Our Acid Dilutor Kit facilitates dilution of hydrochloric acid to 3-10% for storage in chemical day tanks, and includes a connection to draw the required water from a clean supply.

Spring-loaded safety isolating valves feature a 'dead man's handle' failsafe valve which ensures day tanks can only be filled when an operator is present.

Where can chemical storage tanks be used?

Chemical storage tanks and chemical dosing tanks can be used for long-term storage of the fluids used in water treatment, including swimming pool disinfection and Jacuzzi water treatment.

Smaller bund tanks and chemical day tanks are robust enough for long-term use, but are often used to store smaller quantities of chemicals for immediate short-term dosing and delivery.

Both the Acid Dilutor System and Spring Loaded Safety Isolating Valve can be used to ensure safety when filling chemical day tanks, by controlling the dilution of commercial hydrochloric acid and by preventing unmanned filling across a range of applications.

Our service to you

Gaffey work hard not only to stock and supply the best chemical storage tanks and accessories, but to provide installation and maintenance services to keep them working at their best for longer.

Our network of approved Service Partners can install your tanks and accessories, ensuring any pipes are connected securely, such as the mains water supply to our Acid Dilutor System.

To find out more, register for product updates or make any other enquiry, you can send us a message via our Contact page today.

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