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CO2 Dosing Systems

A safe alternative to mineral acids for pH correction of swimming pools

Carbon dioxide dosing systems offer an alternative to mineral acids to control and correct pH in swimming pool water. Safe to use and easy to handle, CO2 dosing systems come with a range of accessories to meet the varying demands of different installation environments.

CO2 dosing is effective up to a maximum alkalinity of 120mg/l and flow rates can be controlled for maximum efficiency, making this an economical option for pool operators.

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Why use CO2 dosing for pool water correction?

CO2 dosing can be used on pools of different sizes, within an ideal alkalinity range of 50-110 mg/l. Dosing with CO2 controls the overall pH level of pool water, without reducing the alkalinity.

Handling carbon dioxide can be safer than using mineral acids for pool pH correction. This makes it an ideal option where operators want to ensure safety while reducing chemical handling.

Our CO2 Flow Control Unit makes it even easier to regulate the flow of carbon dioxide gas into the pool water for efficient treatment of pools of different sizes.

Control CO2 dosing with injectors and changeover valves

We supply a selection of injectors and manual changeover valves to allow close control of CO2 dosing.

Our products include:

  • Standard CO2 Injector with 0.5" BSP thread and non-return valve
  • ECO2 High Efficiency Diffusion Injector for optimum gas economy

ECO2 works by producing very fine gas bubbles so its CO2 output dissolves quickly into the pool water, for even greater efficiency. It has 1.25" BSP thread, a retractable lance and an isolating valve.

We also stock:

  • CO2 Manual Changeover Valve Installation Kit for 1x1 Arrangement
  • CO2 Manual Changeover Valve Installation Kit for 2x2 Arrangement

These manual changeover valve kits connect to gas draw-off cylinders and can work with the CO2 Flow Control Unit for regulated flow.

What accessories are available for CO2 dosing?

Any installation can benefit from the use of suitable accessories, which is why we stock a selection for general purpose use - if you'd like to know more about any of these, you can find them on our CO2 Dosing Accessories page, or just ask.

Our range of CO2 dosing accessories includes chains, hoses and fixings:

  • C2600 Pressure regulator for single cylinder
  • C2117 Cylinder chain 3ft/1m length
  • C2118 Hook-type wall fixing M6 diameter
  • C2403 Nylon CO2 hose 30m x 5/6"

Together these ensure your installation is fixed and secure, with the correct type and length of hose to deliver CO2 directly into your pool water for treatment.

We would also recommend installing our CO2 Gas Alarm System or an equivalent product from our Monitoring and Control range, as carbon dioxide is heavier than air and can accumulate at ground level or in basement areas.

Our service to you

We have chosen our range of CO2 dosing systems and CO2 dosing accessories to give you everything you need for safe and efficient water treatment in swimming pools and other environments, for example:

  • Commercial pool water treatment
  • Spa pools and therapy pools
  • Theme parks
  • Wet play areas
  • Water features

Combined with our accessories, your CO2 dosing installation is safe, secure and efficient, to reduce the risk of any safety incidents and minimise maintenance demands.

Installation and maintenance are available via our network of approved Service Partners, who are fully trained to optimise CO2 dosing systems for maximum future performance.

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