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Disinfection Systems

Gaffey Technical Services supply a range of specialist disinfection equipment for different environments, enabling safe and accurate

disinfection of water by chlorine for small pools, larger multi-pool establishments, commercial buildings and industrial plants.

What is a disinfection system?

A disinfection system uses one of several different methods of disinfection of water to safely eliminate unwelcome bacteria and create or control a sterile environment. This helps to ensure the safety of personnel and members of the public without causing chlorine irritation to the skin.

Specialist disinfection equipment is designed to make the process itself easier and safer - reducing direct contact with hazardous and irritant substances while ensuring your water is continually treated to maintain sterile conditions.

How does this system work?

Disinfection of water by chlorine involves dosing the water with a controlled amount of a chlorine compound, which helps to sterilise it against a wide range of bacterial infections.

The exact method of disinfection can vary - from using calcium hypochlorite tablets in our Pellet Pro system, to generating dilute sodium hypochlorite in our electrolytic chlorination systems, so please contact Gaffey Technical Services if you need more help on which method to choose.

Where is a water treatment of this kind needed?

There are methods of disinfection of water to suit different settings, but it is sensible to install disinfection of water by chlorine anywhere members of the public or of your personnel are in regular contact with water.

Disinfection systems help to prevent bacterial infections and maintain sterile conditions, but it is also important to carefully control the amount of chlorine used, to reduce the risks of inhalation of chlorine gas or irritation to the skin due to direct contact with high concentrations of chlorinated water.

What products does Gaffey manufacture in this line?

We produce several different methods of disinfection of water by chlorine, including Pellet Pro, the UK's first calcium hypochlorite tablet feed system when it was launched in 1993, and a bestseller ever since for larger establishments with multiple pools to disinfect.

For smaller pools where you want to avoid handling hazardous chemicals, our electrolytic chlorination systems are a safe way to generate dilute sodium hypochlorite on-site, while chloriDOS iOX is a specialist disinfection solution for industrial plants, commercial buildings and anywhere Legionella and biofilms are a threat.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your options, a member of the team will be able to answer your questions and help you decide which disinfection system is the right one for you.

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