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Water Disinfection Systems and Products

Gaffey Technical Services supply a range of specialist disinfection systems using a variety of different methods to disinfect water, safely removing harmful bacteria to provide safe potable drinking water, hygeinic pool water or process water, as required.

This has multiple benefits:

  • Safe drinking water for public or private water supplies.
  • Clean, odour and irritant free water for bathing and other uses.
  • Effective control of Legionella and other risks.

In general, disinfection systems work by dosing the water with a controlled amount of a chlorine or chlorine dioxide compound, which quickly inactivates or oxidises bacteria and virus which could otherwise cause infection or allow the proliferation of harmful pathogens, such as Legionella.

Different disinfection systems are suited to different applications and premises, whether you need potable drinking water, hygienically clean hot water distribution systems throughout a building, Legionella control in cooling systems, or safe swimming/spa pool water.

Water disinfection in buildings

Chlorine dioxide generators are an excellent solution for water disinfection in processes, especially where taste and odour are a concern, and in applications where biofilm growth must be prevented.

The chloriDOS iOX on-site chlorine dioxide generator is a class above most, combining an innovative vacuum preparation process, high-precision dosing pumps for accuracy in the most critical applications, and the facility to monitor the system status and precise usage of chemicals via versatile web-based or GSM remote monitoring.

This makes the iOX suitable for a wide range of uses where site and user safety are paramount; brewing and bottling, washing fruit and vegetables, fish, meat and poultry preparation, water distribution in buildings commercial laundry and textiles.

Water disinfection for drinking water

Hyprolyser electrochlorination systems generate sodium hypochlorite on-demand, removing the need to transport, store and handle hazardous chemicals on-site.

Using only salt, water and electrical energy to generate a non-hazardous hypochlorite solution, the Hyprolyser is an effective way to produce water disinfection chemicals capable of treating millions of litres of drinking water per day.

For smaller private water supplies and boreholes, Hyprolyser iSEC is a good option, providing a continuous fresh supply of chlorine solution that is low in chlorate content.

Hyprolyser iSEC is available in three sizes, iSEC 30, iSEC 60 and iSEC 90, capable of disinfecting 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5 Ml of drinking water per day.

Water disinfection for swimming pools

Water disinfection for commercial swimming pools presents its own challenges. Not only must the water be perfectly hygienic, it must also be comfortable for the bather; low in chlorination by-products such as chloramine, THM's and nitrogen trichloride, therefore a responsible and precise approach to disinfection is control and dosing is a pre-requisite.

Hyprolyser systems are an ideal option for all types and sizes of commercial swimming pool. The <1% chlorine solution produced provides an ideal dosing media to avoid the formation of irritating chlorine by-products at the point of injection; a typical problem for pools using high strength commercial grade chlorine chemicals.

Calcium hypochlorite feeders, like the Pellet-Pro, are also good option here, using calcium hypochlorite supplied in pellet or tablet form for high throughput and to treat water from multiple pools at the same time. The Pellet-Pro system eliminates the task of manually measuring and transferring calcium hypochlorite to a mixing tank and produces a consistent strength dosing media.

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