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Calcium Hypochlorite Feeders

Calcium hypochlorite feeders are a good option for swimming pool and industrial water disinfection requirements using approved calcium hypochlorite tablets. Gaffey are manufacturers of the Pellet-Pro system which launched in the UK in 1993, being the first calcium hypochlorite tablet feed system in the UK at that time.

How do calcium hypochlorite feeders work?

Pellet Pro provides a well proven method for the automatic preparation of tablets into solution. Calcium hypochlorite tablets are wetted and the erosion of tablets is carefully controlled to deliver a consistent chlorine solution strength. As the solution is produced on demand, only small volumes of solution are stored, reducing health & safety risks for the user. The Pellet-Pro system can be configured for use on up to 3 treatment streams from a single unit. The dosing pumps used in our Pellet-Pro calcium hypochlorite feeders run on a 230V permanent supply, but can be switched using 0(4)-20mA, pulse frequency, or remote start-stop inputs for compatibility with a wide range of disinfection controllers.

Where are these types of feeders used?

Calcium hypochlorite feeders are a good solution for leisure complexes with multiple swimming pools or in industral applications where factory or plant room space is at a premium.

Pellet Pro calcium hypochlorite feeders can also be useful in treating the water used in fruit & vegetable washing, helping to remove pathogens so that the washed produce is left clean and safe for human consumption.

What are the features of Pellet Pro calcium hypochlorite feeders?

Pellet Pro calcium hypochlorite feeders are available in a range of capacities, with model options for one, two or three dosing pumps.

Each system comes with digital dosing pumps, a 30-metre feed line, SV-series injector with safety ID tags, and a two-year warranty.

Throughput ranges from 15 litres per hour to 224 litres per hour at pressures between 4-10 bar.

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