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Chlorine Dioxide Generators

Chlorine dioxide generators from Gaffey Technical Services are extremely efficient water disinfection solutions suitable for use in

industrial plants and commercial buildings. We manufacture chloriDOS iOX chlorine dioxide generators, which, using a special vacuum metering and mixing method, are not only powerful and robust but offer the highest level of user safety. Find out more below or contact Gaffey with any enquiries.

How do chlorine dioxide generators work?

Chlorine dioxide generators are not all the same. The chloriDOS iOX system supplied by Gaffey Technical Services is a class above many other generators, with an innovative vacuum preparation process that removes the risks associated with feeding precursor chemicals via pressurised lines. This ensures operator safety without compromising on dosing accuracy for critical applications.

Generators like chloriDOS iOX can be used to tackle a range of different pathogens, including Legionella, biofilms and general bacteria, but they also have applications in taste and odour control, food washing/packaging and paper bleaching. The iOX offers a versatile on-site generation solution from within a compact physical footprint that is ideal in restricted spaces.

Where might you use one of these generators?

The small physical footprint, high efficiency and safe operation of chloriDOS iOX chlorine dioxide generators makes them suitable for many applications including building services, cooling towers, food processing and commercial laundry disinfection. Brewing, distilling, fruit & vegetable washing and the preparation of meat, poultry & fish are processes where the use of on-site generated chlorine dioxide is becoming increasingly popular.

What are the features of Gaffey's generators?

The features of chloriDOS iOX chlorine dioxide generators include:

  • Precise metering of precursor chemicals for high efficiency generation.
  • Remote access to system status and usage data via smartphone/desktop, email and GSM.
  • Very few moving parts, improving system reliability reducing maintenance costs.
  • Vacuum preparation method eliminates removes the risks associated with traditional pressurised generators.

For more information about chloriDOS iOX, contact Gaffey Technical Services today. You can call us for a chat over the phone, or fill in our online contact form and a member of our team will get back to you, usually within 24 hours.

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